Uncomfortable moments with Putin


The Council Meeting is over and I’m back in rainy old London, within earshot of Big Ben’s chimes, and able to put a little more work into getting lift-off with the blog.

One important aim of this blog is not just to provide the analysis (see Francois Godement’s blog post about Hu Jintao’s European tour for an example of that) but also to point our readers in the direction of what we ourselves are reading or listening to - so this morning I’ve been working on the Blog Roll.

The limited list of blogs that I’ve put up there are a testament to how important blogs have become in disseminating information - for the real inside track it’s not just a question of picking up the Economist or the FT and reading the formal thoughts of Gideon Rachman or David Rennie. It’s now even more useful to hear what they’re saying in a format that’s sometimes rather closer to having a beer and an informal gossip.

And then there are the blogs that offer entertainment rather than just information. On ‘Rules of Thumb’, I learned today the vital economic indicator that ‘The softer the currency, the harder the toilet paper’. And few days are complete without an update from the ‘Uncomfortable moments with Putin’ blog.

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