Prominent Europeans call for action on Ukraine


European politicians and intellectuals call on the EU for targeted action on Ukraine

Shocked by the bloody crackdown in Ukraine in the past 24 hours, over 30 European political leaders and opinion-makers called today for swift action by the EU in support of European-minded Ukrainians. They called on the EU to impose targeted actions against members of the regime, including visa bans and asset freezes.

We are shocked by the bloody crackdown by the Ukrainian regime in the last 24 hours. At the February Foreign Affairs Council, the EU expressed its deep concern with the continuing political crisis in Ukraine and pledged to “respond quickly to any deterioration on the ground”. Today, with people dying on the streets of Kiev as a result of the unwillingness of the Ukrainian authorities under President Viktor Yanukovych to seek political dialogue, it is time for the EU to back its words with concrete measures. Ukraine must not be left alone in this crisis, which has led it to the brink of civil war.

We call on the EU institutions and member states to take action against those in the Yanukovych regime involved in perpetrating or sanctioning repression or violence. All EU member states should make full use of their powers to make sure that Ukrainians holding assets abroad are in full compliance with local laws and financial regulations. The extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council that will be convened by High Representative Catherine Ashton tomorrow should decide to take targeted action against members of the regime, including visa bans and asset freezes. We must stand by the people of Ukraine who want to keep alive the prospect of a European future for their children.

Massimo D’Alema - Former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Italy, President of the Italianieuropei Foundation

José M de Areilza - Professor of Law, ESADE

Gordon Bajnai - Former Prime Minister of Hungary

Stine Bosse - Chairman and Non-Executive Board Member

Erhard Busek - Chairman of the Institute for the Danube and Central Europe

Gunilla Carlsson - Former Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sweden

Daniel Daianu - Former Finance Minister, Romania

Aleš Debeljak – Professor and Chair of Cultural Studies, University of Ljubljana

Mikulas Dzurinda - Former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia

Hans Eichel - Former Finance Minister, Germany

Joschka Fischer - Former Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor, Germany

Karin Forseke - Chairman, Alliance Trust Plc.

Lykke Friis - Pro-Rector, University of Copenhagen; former Minister for Climate, Energy and Gender Equality

Timothy Garton Ash - Professor of European Studies, University of Oxford

Carlos Gaspar - Chairman of the Portuguese Institute of International Relations 

Teresa Gouveia - Former Foreign Minister of Portugal

Heather Grabbe - Executive Director, Open Society Institute, Brussels

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg - Former German Minister of Defense & Minister of Economics and Technology

Istvan Gyarmati - Ambassador, President International Centre for Democratic Transition

Heidi Hautala - Former Minister for International Development, Finland

Sasha Havlicek - CEO & Director, Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Diego Hidalgo - President, FRIDE

Mary Kaldor – Professor, London School of Economics

David Koranyi - Deputy Director, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center of the Atlantic Council of the United States

Ivan Krastev - Chair of Board, Centre for Liberal Strategies

Sonia Licht - President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence

Nickolay Mladenov - Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria

Dominique Moïsi - Senior Adviser, French Institute for International Affairs

Kalypso Nicolaidis - Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford

Andrés Ortega - Author & journalist; former Director of Policy Planning, Office of the Spanish Prime Minister

Ruprecht Polenz - Former Chairman of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee

Albert Rohan - Former Secretary General of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Daniel Sachs - CEO, Proventus

Aleksander Smolar - Chairman of the Board of the Stefan Batory Foundation 

Ion Sturza - Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova 

Nathalie Tocci - Deputy Director, Istituto Affari Internazionali

Antonio Vitorino - President, Notre Europe and former EU Commissioner

Andre Wilkens - Director Mercator Centre Berlin and Director Strategy, Stiftung Mercator

Karla Wursterova - Executive Director, International Visegrad Fund


Please note: The signatories have endorsed this statement in a personal capacity

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