Madrid view: will the sun ever return to Spain?


Spaniards woke up this week to the release of yet more depressing unemployment figures. According to the official bureau of statistics unemployment is at 26.02% of the active population. This means that there are less than three people working for every one that is unemployed. The figures did not break the psychological barrier of 6 million, but at 5,965,400 they got very close. The last quarter of 2012 added an extra 187,300 people to the unemployment queue, and showed that unemployment has not yet touched the ceiling. At the beginning of the crisis in 2008, unemployment was at 7.95% - it has risen relentlessly and is now three times as high. 

No doubt people outside Spain are able to imagine the personal and social drama behind this figures. Spaniards are understandably circumspect these days. We miss the sun as well as a glimpse of hope. This probably explains why the video below has had more than half a million visits on Youtube and its being massively posted, commented and forwarded.

The story is simple: a group of singers enters an unemployment office where people are patiently waiting to register or get their paper work done, and sing a song. They do for free, as a gift to them. It is a incredibly moving video which has made lots of people cry. It's message is quite simply: we are not figures on a statistic, we are human beings who love life and want good news and a decent life. Will the Sun ever come back to Spain?


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