Is the EU doomed?


As economic growth returns to the eurozone, like the first shafts of sunlight after a long Arctic winter, and thousands of demonstrators in Ukraine provide proof that the EU still has magnetism, it seems like a strange time to question the European project.

But at a recent Black Coffee Morning at ECFR's London office, that's exactly what we did. We asked the simple question, "Is the EU doomed?" Two speakers attempted to answer it - Jan Zielonka of Oxford University (and the co-editor of ECFR's "The new political geography of Europe"), and Gideon Rachman of the Financial Times. We recorded the event, and there are a number of ways for you to listen to what happened.

In the first of two short podcasts, Jan Zielonka lays out his thoughts on the question, arguing that there are three good reasons for believing the EU is indeed doomed:

In the second podcast, Gideon Rachman throws some petrol on the flames, and mentions other issues such as why Brussels would want a post-EU Britain to fail, and whether the euro crisis really is over or not (***spoiler alert*** - it's not over).

Finally, if you want to listen to the entire audio from the event, then we have it here on Mixcloud:


Is the EU doomed? by Ecfr on Mixcloud


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