How is the Middle East peace process doing?


Are the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks set to atrophy, or could we be near a breakthrough? We're now almost half way through the nine-month window that the US administration dedicated to relaunching the talks, but it is unclear exactly where we are with the process. US secretary of state John Kerry is trying to give the talks momentum, but attention has been elsewhere, especially with the apparent breakthrough in talks with Iran.

Recently ECFR's MENA programme held an invitation-only event to discuss the situation, and we've just put out a couple of audio podcasts using some of the material from the session.

In the first podcast you can hear the head of the MENA programme, Daniel Levy, give an overview of the situation:

In the second podcast you can hear Lara Friedman make the case that the US is taking the peace process seriously, Alex Kouttab talk about the divisions that are constraining the Palestinians' hopes of progress, and Dimi Reider explain why the Israelis are more concerned with other domestic issues.

Click here to read the MENA programme's most recent publication on the peace process, "The Two State Stress Test" and "In search of legitimacy: the Palestinian national movement 20 years after Oslo"


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