Egypt’s military; Europe’s response


Since it took power from President Morsi last July, Egypt's military has cracked down on dissent in general and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular. Now, having successfully negotiated a constitutional referendum, Field Marshal Sisi appears ready to announce his candidacy for the post of president. A recent ECFR Black Coffee Morning in our London office examined these events and attempted to answer some key questions about Egypt's military and the possible response of the European Union.

The first speaker was Issandr el Amrani of the International Crisis Group: “Who represents who? Is the current military-led government really representative of a mass outpouring of anger against the Muslim Brotherhood and the Morsi administration? Or is it on the contrary as the Muslim Brothers will tell you, is that only a reflection of the near complete control of Egyptian media?”

Second up was Florence Gaub of the EU Institute for Security Studies: “In order to understand the political role of the Egyptian military today is that it has essentially three identities that it seeks to protect with the political role...”

Finally, Anthony Dworkin of ECFR: “Do we have any kind of answer or different policy now that’s not based on the idea that democracy is not going to sweep across the region, but we’re not going to go back to where we were, back before 2011 where we simply had to say, ‘We like these values but stability is more important’.”

Here's an audio podcast with excerpts from all three speakers:

And here's the full audio from the Black Coffee Morning:


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