ECFR’s summer reading list


Here is ECFR's summer reading list - a reminder of some of our key reports from recent months. We not only published papers on the conflict in Syria and the Middle East peace process, we also looked at issues connected to the eurocrisis, the search for a common European security strategy or an in-depth look into Xi Jinping's China. Most papers are available for handy holiday reading as downloads for Kindles (mobi) and other ereaders (epub).

  • The regional struggle for Syria - How regional actors shape the conflict in Syria: PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • Syria: The imperative of de-escalation - A diplomatic strategy for the conflict in Syria: PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • Europe and the vanishing two-state solution - How Europe can rescue the two-state solution:  PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • Drones and targeted killing: defining a European position PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • China 3.0 - What does the new China think and what does it mean for Europe? PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • Xi Jinping’s China - The politics of China's most powerful man:  PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • The new political geography of Europe: How the euro crisis has affected politics in 14 EU member states: PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • A German model for Europe? - Why the German model is not a blueprint for Europe: PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • Regime change in Russia - What does the end of "managed democracy" mean for Europe? PDF
  • Europe’s strategic cacophony - 27 countries in search of a proper security strategy:  PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • What does the Gulf think about the Arab Awakening? - Understanding the influence of the Gulf States: PDF - EPUB - MOBI
  • European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2013 - A comprehensive evaluation of European foreign policy: PDF - EPUB - MOBI

Back in January we also published our Ten trends for 2013; so if you are curious how they stand the test of time click here. In case you prefer to listen to podcasts during your holidays do check our list of recent podcasts and event recordings.

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