ECFR this week: November 9th 2012


In a week that saw the re-election of President Obama and the selection of a new generation of Chinese leaders, ECFR published a major report into how China was approaching the massive economic, political and foreign policy challenges that the new leadership faces.

Mark Leonard, who edited ‘China 3.0’, makes the case that the country is entering its third major phase since the revolution (after Mao’s ‘1.0’ and Deng Xiaoping’s ‘2.0’). Mark argues that the Chinese response to the challenges that come with this phase won’t just affect China, but Europe and the rest of the world too.

I’ve put several photos from ECFR’s recent visit to Shanghai and Beijing (including a number of our Council Members) on our Facebook page, and we’ll also be producing more audio podcasts and videos connected to the project in the weeks ahead. Anyone trying to understand the way China is selecting its new leaders might be interested in 'China at the Crossroads' by François, or find this simple guide by Thomas König useful. 

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