ECFR this week: 8th February


This week we followed up the publication of our European Foreign Policy Scorecard with the first of a series of events across Europe examining the implications of our findings.

The event at ECFR’s London office featured Gideon Rachman, Spyros Economides, Heather Grabbe, and Scorecard 2013 author Susi Dennison, and focused on Britain and European foreign policy. Heather suggested that uncertainty over the future of Britain meant that its interests were already starting to be discounted in Brussels while Gideon Rachman argued that Britain's foreign policy could also thrive outside the EU. You can listen to the entire event on our website.

I also wrote this article – “Why the EU needs Britain” – which argues that just as much as Britain needs the EU, the EU needs Britain if it’s to be a relevant and influential global force in the 21st century.

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