ECFR this week: 5th October


As a British EU referendum looks increasingly likely, YouGov has conducted fresh research for ECFR into the roots of British attitudes to Europe to find out how such a referendum might pan out. Peter Kellner of YouGov argues that the attitudes of three distinctive groups will determine the outcome of a British referendum on Europe: Worried Nationalists, Pragmatic Nationalists and Progressive Internationalists. And it looks like the ‘pragmatic’ camp could play a rather important role in this context. Click here to find out who might win a British referendum on Europe.

Nicholas Walton also summarised the key points of the YouGov data on our 'London view' blog.

Middle East and North Africa


  • Mark Leonard looks at China's technology revolution and explains why managed social media could in fact help the communist party to stay in power.

Wider Europe

  • In Azerbaijan one family has dominated the political scene for many years, corruption is rampant and the economy needs diversifying. Nicu Popescu thinks it is time for Azerbaijan to open up.

Reinventing Europe

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