ECFR this week: 2nd November


Ahead of the selection of China’s new leadership on November 8th, Thomas König of ECFR’s China Programme explains what the process involves, who the new men will be, and why it matters. Here is our guide to China’s leadership changes. On our blog Jonas Parello-Plesner takes a closer look at the ultra-rich political elite in China.

China’s new leaders: China 3.0

Next week we will be publishing a major report on the debates that shape modern China. We call it China 3.0. Here is a short video with Mark Leonard on why affluence, stability and power have created new problems for China.

EU and Ukraine after the elections: “It’s time to show Ukraine some tough love”

In a new ECFR policy memo Andrew Wilson argues that the EU should rethink its approach towards Ukraine as the country has become more authoritarian and corrupt. In “The EU and Ukraine after the 2012 elections” Andrew describes the deteriorating situation in Ukraine and lays out how the EU should respond to these challenges. On our blog, Jana Kobzova analyses the election outcome in Ukraine and argues that the EU should give rewards only when they are deserved not when they are expected.

A debate on the US-German relationship: “irreconcilable differences”?

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Ian Bremmer & Mark Leonard argue that a fundamental shift in interests and outlook in recent years led to irreconcilable differences between Washington and Berlin. This widening divide between both countries is likely to have a major impact on the Western alliance.  

Too much alarm? In a reply to the article, Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff of GMF analyses some of the differences between Germany and the US and argues that although the transatlantic relationship has changed, Germany has not abandoned the Western alliance.


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