ECFR this week: 25th January


The big news in Europe this week was David Cameron’s speech on the UK and the European Union. Reactions to the speech varied wildly across the continent, and our own analysis reflected this.

Our Middle East/North Africa programme had a busy week with the Israeli elections and the ongoing situation in Mali and Algeria:

  • I recorded this podcast interview with Daniel on the day of the elections – there’s still plenty there that will help listeners understand the issues surrounding the vote.


  • Francois Godement began to examine the signs of how the new Chinese leadership is heading in a new series of “China’s new Long March” blog posts. We’re also sending the blog posts out as emails to the China programme’s contacts. If you’d like to be on this email list then please contact [email protected]
  • And finally, our Madrid office produced this Spanish language audio podcast looking at relations between Europe and Latin America.
  • Our podcasts have been nominated for the 2012 European Podcast Awards. If you are one of the several dozen thousand listeners then we would appreciate your vote for our English and Spanish podcasts.

Next week we’ll be publishing the third edition of our European Foreign Policy Scorecard, rating how European countries did – collectively and individually – in projecting European power and influence around the world.


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