ECFR this week: 1st February


This week we published the third edition of our European Foreign Policy Scorecard - a comprehensive evaluation of European foreign policy. The ECFR Scorecard analyses Europe’s successes and failures in 79 foreign policy issues -  and it looks at the performance of individual EU member states: On what issues and in which regions did Europe succeed in projecting power? Which countries were the foreign policy leaders, which were the slackers that held back the rest? And what was the impact of the euro crisis on Europe’s global influence?

Click here to visit our dedicated Scorecard website where you can also find a range of videos and podcasts exploring the findings of the Scorecard. You can also download the ECFR Scorecard as a PDF - or as an ebook for your Kindle or other e-readers. Feel free to send us feedback or tweet your comments using the #ECFRscorecard hashtag.


  • Ulrike Guérot argues that like Greece, Spain and Germany, Britain now faces a cathartic moment when it needs to decide what price it is worth paying to stay in the European Union.

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