ECFR this week: 19th October


At this week’s European Council EU leaders agreed to establish a single eurozone banking supervisor which is considered to be a key element for the development of a banking union. In the run-up to the EU summit ECFR staff members from Paris, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw, Madrid and London published another “view from the capitals” previewing the summit from across Europe.

But there is a real danger that the proposed banking union and a deeper integration of the eurozone could lead to an exit of the UK. ‘Europe at the crossroads’ is a new ECFR project that aims at analysing the impact of the euro crisis on the UK. Click here for a collection of recent publications and podcasts that examine the EU debate in the UK.

This week’s EU summit was also a reminder that a compromise between Germany and France is still central for the European project. However, when it comes to the big questions over the future of Europe, the Franco-German tandem does not seem to deliver anymore. Ulrike Guérot and Konstanty Gebert argue that Poland could replace France as Germany's most trusted European partner.


  • After the Nobel Prize - before the next Greek bailout? Ulrike Guérot and Jürgen Matthes analyse the situation in Greece.
  • Our Madrid office published an interview with Lluís Bassets (deputy director of El Pais) on EU-China relations and fundamental changes in Chinese society. (in Spanish)

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