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This week we published “The new political geography of Europe” - a major essay collection that examines the impact of the eurocrisis on 14 EU member states. It shows how the reshuffling of Europe’s political geography is happening across four dimensions: Established elites are under extreme pressure, the division between core and periphery is growing, the core is fracturing and there seems to be no shared vision how to reinvent the European project.

We also recorded a podcast and a video with Nicholas Walton who explains the main findings of the report. You can download "The new political geography of Europe” as a pdf or as an ebook for you e-reader (epub) or kindle (mobi).

Events in Mali and Algeria have dominated his week’s foreign policy agenda. François Godement argues that the Mali conflict has caught the EU asleep at the wheel. However, with support from across the Union and credible, limited aims, a European intervention in Mali can be successful. Susi Dennison looks at the hostage crisis in Algeria and argues that it brought a new dimension to the French intervention in Mali. In December Susi also published a policy memo on the challenges for the EU in Algeria and Mali


  • In “Lost Tribes” Daniel Levy looks at the state of Israeli politics ahead of next week’s parliamentary election. He worries that this election may accelerate Israel's journey towards hegemonic nationalism. Daniel Leviy also participated in a debate in London where he argued that Israel is destroying itself with its settlement policy.
  • Richard Gowan writes about the role of Lakhdar Brahimi in Syria and argues that he should use the diplomatic clout he has left to line up international support for a rapid post-conflict drive to get aid and economic assistance into Syria once Assad goes.

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