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What does Obama’s re-election mean for Europe? In a new policy memo nine ECFR experts examine the foreign policy implications of Obama’s second term and argue that “it’s time for Europe to grow up”. They argue that Europe will have to take more responsibility for sorting out problems in its own neighbourhood, reaching out to powers such as Turkey and Russia on security issues, engaging with the Syrian opposition, taking the initiative in finding constructive ways to deal with Iran, and supporting the new democracies in North Africa.

Click here to download ‘Time to grow up: what Obama’s re-election means for Europe’ (pdf) We also published the policy memo as an ebook for kindle (mobi) and other e-readers (epub).

Listen to a podcast with Mark Leonard on Obama II

What next for China?

As part of our “China 3.0” project we are publishing a series of videos with some of the most influential Chinese thinkers. The first one is with blogger and journalist Michael Anti who explains how the internet is changing Chinese society. We will have more videos on our Youtube Channel at the end of the day

On ECFR’s China website you can find our essay collection “China 3.0 – Understanding the China” alongside with various other publications, podcasts and videos.


  • The next “EU at the crossroads” event in London will take place on 3 December: The future of the European Union after the euro crisis: Political union and its discontents. Click here to register.

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