ECFR this week: 12th October


Despite today’s announcement that the EU has won the Nobel Peace Prize, this has been a week when it has been impossible to escape the scale of the challenge facing the European project as it tries to deal with the euro crisis.

At the beginning of the week we published ‘Why the euro crisis threatens the single market’ by Sebastian Dullien – a bleak warning that the achievements of the single market are in real danger thanks to the euro crisis. Sebastian sets out three scenarios for how things might progress from now, and details how each scenarios spells trouble for the single market. He also published this opinion piece, summarising his argument.  

Following the visit of Angela Merkel to Athens ECFR also published the latest of our series of ‘National Papers’, this time looking at the debate within Greece about its place in Europe. In ‘Desperately hanging on: the view from Greece’, George Pagoulatos argues that Greek pro-EU sentiment remains robust, and that the country’s fate and that of the European project are intimately connected. The ‘National Papers’  are part of ECFR’s Reinvention of Europe project, and have also looked at the situation in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria (there are related papers on Spain and the UK).     

In the week of the Conservative Party Conference here in Britain we also published several pieces exploring Britain’s attitudes to the EU:

  • I interviewed Mats Persson, the director of ‘Open Europe’ for a podcast looking at the re-emergence of the EU debate in British politics. Mats put forward the provocative argument that Britain’s euroscepticism could only be reversed by a rerun of history with Britain losing the Second World War. 
  • Following on from the exclusive ECFR research from Peter Kellner and YouGov on British attitudes to Europe (published last week), Andreas Mullerleile wrote this blog post examining David Cameron’s backing this week for a referendum on the EU. 
  • Ahead of an ECFR paper asking whether Norway’s relationship with the EU could be a model for more Eurosceptic countries like the EU, Ulf Sverdrup and Fredrik Sejersted published an article arguing that the Norwegian model is best left to Norway


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