A faltering transition in Libya?


Two years ago the armed uprising in Libya succeeded in overthrowing Colonel Gaddafi - but how successful has Libya been in laying the foundations of a genuine democratic transition? This was the over-arching question at a Black Coffee Morning this week in ECFR's London office, but the questions kept coming:

How important is the security situation? Is that situation improving? How can EU countries and institutions help, and how much will be up to the Libyans themselves? And what is the silver lining when Libyans take to the streets in protest?

Two men attempted to answer the questions - Sir Dominic Asquith, who served as Britain's ambassador to Libya, Egypt and Iraq, and ECFR's own Mattia Toaldo. First, here's a short ECFR podcast with Mattia's introduction:

And if you're interested in hearing the entire meeting, here's the audio:


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