A chunky listen on Russia



On my train home last night I listened to an audio podcast from the Economist that pretty much wrapped up all the big issues in Russian-EU relations in eight and a half chunky minutes. It was with Arkady Ostrovsky, the Economist's Moscow correspondent. Here's the audio, and here are the main subjects:

* Merkel ambushing Putin by criticising his crackdown on NGOs, and what it means for relations between Russia and the EU.

* The nexus between Russia, power and money.

* German business scepticism about investing in Russia.

* Why Cyprus shows how much Russia has been disregarded.

* Why it all goes back to US shale gas and how this has loosened Russia's energy grip on Europe.

* Is Berlusconi Putin's only remaining friend?

* Navalny and Pussy Riot.

Anyway, have a listen - 8'34" isn't enough for great depth, but Arkady does a great job of joining the dots between these main themes.

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