About the Asia & China Programme

ECFR's Asia & China Programme is recognised for its policy-focused expertise, leading in-country research and unrivaled pan-European outreach. Its events, publications and regular analyses of internal debates in Asia and China all contribute to an improved European understanding of China’s rise and Asia’s response.

The programme made its mark with a groundbreaking report in 2009: “A Power Audit of EU-China Relations”. Since then, it has intensively and successfully campaigned to raise awareness of the need to address the growing power imbalance between China and the EU, and to highlight the lack of prioritisation, continuity and coordination among Europeans on this issue.

ECFR’s path-breaking work on China’s internal developments and debates – fostered though publications like China 3.0, What does China think? and Xi Jinping’s China - has given Europeans access to the latest thinking in the People’s Republic. ECFR has also taken on detailed studies of China’s external foot-print such as the seminal study on China’s scramble for Europe.

China Analysis: This quarterly publication introduces Western audiences to the strategic debates taking place inside China’s expert and think tank worlds by drawing on Chinese language sources. It is designed to help the European policy community understand how China’s leadership thinks about the domestic and foreign policy issues that can shape that country’s future relationship with Europe and the world.

Engaging with Democratic Asia: The Asia & China Programme has extensive experience working across Asia. Our experts have built relationships with policy-makers and think-tanks across Asia and organised a series of unique high-level round-tables that bring them together with Europeans for frank discussions of strategic issues in Asia. These have been supplemented by influential publications such as Divided Asia and China on Asia’s Mind.

ECFR Foreign Policy Scorecard: ECFR’s comprehensive annual assessment of Europe’s performance on the world stage tracks the EU’s ability to deal with a more assertive China by grading the EU’s unity, resources and impact across 13 different policy areas.

Along with events and private briefings to decision and policy makers across Europe,  our experts regularly publish commentaries. On average, the ECFR Asia & China Programme alone generates more than 200 media mentions per year, often in leading publications such as The Economist, the Financial Times, the New York Times, and Foreign Policy. The Asia & China Programme and its expert staff also regularly feature in ECFR audio podcasts, which are published in five languages. You can also subscribe to ECFR’s podcast streams via the multimedia page of our website or through iTunes.

The Asia and China Programme works along ECFR’s Council which is comprised of former presidents, prime ministers, and foreign ministers, alongside public intellectuals and the private sector. This ensures that our research is focused on actionable, practical output. With offices in six European capitals plus the London headquarters, the organisation is particularly well placed to engage a range of EU governments and to help shape an improved EU member response to the challenges and opportunities offered by Asia.

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