Has the coronavirus been Europe’s ‘Hamiltonian’ moment?

Advising Germany’s Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, Wolfgang Schmidt has been at the heart of the Franco-German initiative on the European recovery from the coronavirus. What does the proposal say about European solidarity and strategic sovereignty? And will Europe be sufficiently protected against investments in strategic sectors by third countries like China? Wolfgang Schmidt sheds light on Germany’s thinking and the challenges that remain ahead.

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We are all suffering from confirmation bias. Nationalists claim that the corona virus shows the superiority of the nation state; multilateralists claim the same for multilateralism; the end of globalization has also been proclaimed; for the left it is the end of capitalism; and for climate activists it confirms the need for more climate protections. ECFR Quarantimes enlists the brightest voices to help us think beyond the immediate response to the covid-19 crisis and overcome our pre-existing biases and beliefs to shape Europe's future role in the post corona world.

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