The first results are coming in after Ukraine's presidential elections on Sunday. Andrew Wilson looks at what these first figures mean

The morning after: the first actual results come in
After last night's exit polls, this morning we're getting the first actual results from the elections. As this is Ukraine, the story changes every day. When people woke up to check the count of the actual votes, things were not going so well for Tymoshenko, though the overall result still looks close. The main exit poll last night that was proudly displayed throughout Tymoshenko's press conference had her only 4-5% behind. With 88% of the vote counted at midday Kiev time, the gap is more like 10-11%. Yanukovych has 35.5% versus Tymoshenko on 25%. Tyhipko is confirmed in third with 13%. In Ukraine, as in most countries, results from the bigger cities come in first and Tymoshenko will do better in the countryside, so the gap could shrink a little.
Turnout was OK, at 66.7% - better than Russia or the UK for that matter, but less than last time. The snow didn't help.
So Tymoshenko has a bigger job than she thought. The smaller candidates can expect a higher price for their support. The gap between the two rounds is long, at three weeks; and the Yanukovych team already has demonstrators practising outside parliament. A close result could end up in the courts - or on the streets. But not like last time - any protest would be short and contentious. Neither candidate has campaigned at their best. All to play for.

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