Video: A new European security in a new strategic environment

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 21 June 2018

How can security be achieved in an age of connectivity?

Crisis and resilience in Libya and Tunisia

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 21 September 2016

High-level officials and analysts discuss the challenges facing Tunisia's transition, and the development of the political process in Libya.

ECFR's Annual Council Meeting 2016 - Highlights

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 07 July 2016

Over 200 serving and former European leaders discuss the future of Europe in the aftermath of the UK’s EU referendum.

Brexit and Britain’s security

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro & Nick Witney - 26 April 2016

Nigel Inkster, former MI6 board member, and Nick Witney, former chief executive of the European Defence Agency and co-director of ECFR's European Power programme, give us their perspectives.

Slavery and exploitation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 22 April 2016

Nick Grono and Dr. Katharine Jones discuss what role Europe can play in ensuring the protection of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

China’s economy

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 14 April 2016

Powerhouse, menace or next Japan? Arthur R. Kroeber, founder of the Gavekal Dragonomics research service and editor of China Economic Quarterly, explains where China's economy might be heading.

Transatlantic relations and US presidential election

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 01 April 2016

Julianne Smith from the Center for a New American Security explains the presidential nominees' plans for transatlantic relations

The ICTY: A Model for Justice or an Anomaly?

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 23 March 2016

Julian Borger, world affairs editor for The Guardian, and Philippe Sands QC,  professor of law at UCL, discuss the ICTY and its efficacy.

Iran post sanctions and elections

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 18 March 2016

Richard Nephew from the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University takes a look at the openings and challenges for Europe and the US .

Russia’s strategy in the Middle East

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro & Kadri Liik - 08 March 2016

Kadri Liik gives her analysis on Russia's intervention in the Middle East.

What next for US-Russia relations?

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 03 March 2016

Dmitry Suslov, Programme Director at Valdai International Discussion Club, gives his analysis.

Yemen: What Next?

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 25 February 2016

Iona Craig, Nawal al-Maghafi, and Adam Baron, discuss how Europe can help solve the crisis.

Sinai: Sisi’s war on terror

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 05 February 2016

Journalist and Sinai researcher Mohannad Sabry explains Egyptian president al-Sisi's approach to the war on terror, and its consequences.

Turkey’s challenges in a region in crisis

Asli Aydıntaşbaş & Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 22 January 2016

Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, journalist and visiting fellow at ECFR, explains whether the recent migration deal with the EU is workable

Prospects for Syria in 2016

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 15 January 2016

Participants of ECFR's MENA Forum discuss how the EU can assist Syria in resolving the crisis

Britain in Europe: So near yet so far?

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro & Susi Dennison & Almut Möller - 17 December 2015

Almut Moeller and Susi Dennison discuss the Britain in Europe Renegotiation Scorecard, and how the fourth basket around migration can be moved forward.

China’s transition to democracy

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 15 December 2015

Minxin Pei, Director of the Keck Center, explains whether China might become a democracy, or whether it's more likely that China will become a more authoritarian state.

How can Japan-EU trade relations be improved? What has prevented closer ties in the past?

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 14 December 2015

Pascal Lamy, former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, explains the challenges in Japan-EU trade relations, and Haruko Satoh, Professor at Osaka University, what part culture plays in the bilateral relations.

Should Japan and the EU expand their security cooperation?

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 14 December 2015

Yoichi Kato, national security correspondent for the Asahi Shimbun, explains if, and where Japan and Europe could join forces.

Japan and Europe: How can relations be revived?

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 04 December 2015

Former Federal President of Germany, Christian Wulff, on Japan-EU relations.

China’s economic downturn

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 01 December 2015

Jonathan Fenby, Co-Founder of Trusted Sources, explains whether reforms in the Chinese market are likely and why progress is stagnating.

What is the impact of targeted sanctions?

Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro - 18 November 2015

Daniel Drezner, Professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, explains.