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Balkan ghosts still haunt Europe (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 20 November 2007

Even though Europe's foreign policy reach is now truly global, talks on Kosovo's independence have seen Balkan ghosts return to haunt Europe.

US and Iran: It's good to talk (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 30 October 2007

The U.S and Iran are on a collision course. But both countries' policies are based on misperceptions of each other?s strength.

Assessing the talks with Iran: a step towards pragmatism (Commentary)

Ellie Geranmayeh - 22 October 2013

There has been consensus amongst the negotiators that the discussions had been positively led by Iran in a very different manner than previous talks. The key message from these rounds of talks is that the Iranian team provided details for their proposal rather than a vague or impractical framework.

A European "maybe" for Palestine (Commentary)

- 29 November 2012

Although EU members have not reached a concensus on recognising Palestine at the United Nations, the arguments in favour of European recognition outweigh the arguments against. 


NATO's troubled renaissance (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 22 September 2008

If NATO seizes upon the recent events in the right way, it will remain relevant. If it mishandles the situation ? overreacts or under-performs ? it may be done for.

'The world will not stop': a statement from leading Europeans (Commentary)

- 28 June 2016

The Brexit vote poses profound questions about the future of the European project, but the world will not stop while Europe works out its future.

Angela Merkel and Germany's political zeitgeist (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 19 September 2013

Angela Merkel defines the political zeitgeist in Germany. But contrary to appearances, Germany is facing a period of difficult choices – independently of who takes office after the elections.

Islamophobia and the next European Parliament (Commentary)

- 22 May 2014

Islamophobia in Europe is in complete continuity with the decades-long discourse of the far right.

Two cheers for Gordon Brown's speech (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 13 November 2007

Gordon Brown has laid out his foreign policy vision, including on Europe. But he missed two key elements: a strong, positive case for enlargement and arguments for the Lisbon Treaty

European defence summit: It's groundhog day again (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 27 November 2013

The run-up to next month’s European defence summit is acquiring a surreal aura, as projects first mooted a decade ago are dusted off for ‘endorsement’ by the assembled national leaders – with no conviction in anyone’s heart that they will fare any better this time around.

The euro will be saved only if Europe exists (Commentary)

- 09 December 2010

Europe needs to convince the world that its political unity is not in question. Only "federation light," and a functional federal budget big enough to make macroeconomic stability part of its normal functioning, will convince the markets and everybody else that the EU and the eurozone have a stable, prosperous future.

Euro crisis entering dangerous third phase (Commentary)

- 01 October 2012

First we had a banking crisis; then we added a sovereign debt crisis; now we also have a political crisis, and one that strikes to the heart of what the European Union was designed to achieve.


Netanyahu's Big Fat Israeli Coalition (Commentary)

Daniel Levy - 09 May 2012

Israel’s largest opposition party has joined the Prime Minister’s coalition rather than go to elections. Most of this was about raw political calculations - but it also offered an insight into the thinking of Benjamin Netanyahu.


NATO: Keeping in shape at 60 (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 04 April 2009

As NATO celebrates its 60th anniversary in Strasbourg/Kehl, Korski sets out the Alliance's challenges and how they could be addressed.

Memo to President Ahmadinejad (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 11 December 2009

Iran looks set to defy President Obama?s offer of engagement and the international community ?- including the EU -? will have to decide how to react. But what is Tehran thinking?