ECFR in the Media - Vessela Tcherneva


26th May, 2019

Весела Чернева в "Събуди се" по NOVA


24th May, 2019

Весела Чернева за Европейски избори 2019 пред БНТ.


02nd May, 2019

Весела Чернева за политическата карта след Европейските избори в сутрешния блок на БНТ.

New York Times

29th December, 2018

Vessela Tcherneva is quoted in the NYT's article on Hungary's involvement in aiding and harbouring a fugitive politician from Macedonia. 

Balkan Insight

20th September, 2018

Vessela Tcherneva weighs in on Bulgaria's position regarding Hungary's standing in the EU


13th June, 2018

Interview with Vessela Tcherneva on the agreement between Greece and Macedonia on the name of the country and on the broader context of the Euro-integration of the Western Balkans.


18th May, 2018

Vessela Tcherneva speaks to Tagesthemen on the Western Balkan Summit. 

Le Temps

11th January, 2018

Vessela Tcherneva cité dans Le Temps à propos de l'agenda de la Bulgarie pendant leur présidence du Conseil européen.

El País

31st October, 2017

El País interviews Vessela Tcherneva, head of ECFR Sofia office, on the paralelism between Catalonia and the Balkans.   

TV Evropa

23rd October, 2017

An interview with Vessela Tcherneva on the Catalonian referendum, EU-Turkey relations and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU.