ECFR in the Media - Stefano M. Torelli

El Huffington Post

11th June, 2018

Stefano M. Torelli is quoted on the state of migration in Italy with the arrival of the new government.


06th June, 2018

Stefano Torelli on migration from Tunisia to Italy

La Stampa

01st June, 2018

Stefano Torelli on migration flows to Italy in the new La Mappa della Crisi

El País

15th May, 2018

Stefano Torelli is quoted on the battle of attrition that Italy waged against NGOs in the Mediterranean.

El País

17th March, 2018

Stefano M. Torelli is quoted on the migration in the Mediterranean and the EU policies. 

Monocle 24

02nd March, 2018

Stefano Torelli interviewed on the topic of migration and the Italian elections.


06th February, 2018

Stefano Torelli quoted on the controversial aspects of creating hotspots for migrants in Northern Africa.

Il Fatto Quotidiano

07th January, 2018

Stefano Torelli on the future of terrorism post-ISIS

Al Jazeera

12th December, 2017

Stefano Torelli responds to the claim by Amnesty International that European governments are complicit in the abuse of refugees in Libya, in an interview with Al Jazeera.


05th December, 2017

Stefano Torelli speaks to NRK TV about the situation in Libya and migration management.