ECFR in the Media - Silvia Francescon

Deutsche Welle

24th May, 2018

Silvia Francescon in the interview on the position of Italy in the EU after elections.

Deutsche Welle

23rd May, 2018

Silvia Francescon on the new Italian government

BBC world

04th March, 2018

Silvia Francescon comments the exit polls of Italian elections

Radio Radicale

24th May, 2017

Silvia Francescon on the mutual perception between Europe and the US

Sky News

03rd April, 2017

Silvia Francescon discusses Prince Charles' visit to Italy, and possible impacts on the Brexit negotiations.

BBC Radio Wales

11th December, 2016

Silvia Francescon on the consequences of the Italian referendum for Italy and Europe

Deutsche Welle

03rd December, 2016

Silvia Francescon quoted on the anti-establishement mood in Italy before the reform referendum.

Carnegie Europe

30th November, 2016

Silvia Francescon on the Italian Constitutional Referendum


23rd August, 2016

Silvia Francescon quoted on Italian initiative concerning a Defense Schengen.


20th September, 2015

Silvia Francescon, Head of ECFR Rome, comments the Greek elections