ECFR in the Media - Nick Witney


20th June, 2019

Geostrategia republished Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, Tara Varma and Nick Witney's report about nuclear deterrence in their editorial special second anniversary.

The UK in a Changing Europe

30th November, 2018

Nick Witney's op-ed on the future UK-EU security partnership.

Courthouse News Service

27th November, 2018

Nick Witney quoted by Courthouse News Service regarding European talks of an EU army.

Al Jazeera

30th October, 2018

Nick Witney quoted by Al Jazeera on the possibility of Europe halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia following the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi.

Deutsche Welle

13th April, 2018

Manuel Lafont Rapnouil and Nick Witney are quoted by Deutsche Welle on the french and british foreign policy in Syria.


13th December, 2017

Nick Witney is quoted by Reuters from his recent article on PESCO, in which he says it will create more bureaucracy.

Deutsche Welle

30th May, 2017

Nick Witney is quoted on the need for Europe to improve its military capabilities and efficiency.

Deutsche Welle

07th February, 2017

Deutsche Welle quotes Nick Witney on the debate about nuclear weapons for the EU.

Los Angeles Times

06th February, 2017

Nick Witney quoted on the European concerns about Trump's NATO policy.

The New York Times

30th November, 2016

Nick Witney on EU military spendings following Trump's election.