ECFR in the Media - Kadri Liik


10th November, 2016

ECFR's "Absorb and conquer: An EU Approach to Russian and Chinese integration in Eurasia" quoted on Russian-Chinese rivalry in Eurasia.

New Eastern Europe

03rd November, 2016

Kadri Liik, Fredrik Wesslau and Gustav Gressel with a dispatch from their recent trip to Donbas.


13th July, 2016

Kadri Liik quoted from her commentary: "NATO-Russia dialogue and the future of the NATO-Russia Council".

Gulf News

23rd June, 2016

Kadri Liik's article on Estonia in the European Union. 

The Guardian

15th June, 2016

Kadri Liik's article on how the EU gives a small country like Estonia a voice.  

Der Freitag

19th May, 2016

Kadri Liik commenting on the East-West conflict. 

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

29th April, 2016

Kadri Liik and Mark Galeotti on what Russia wants. 

Radio Free Europe

22nd March, 2016

Kadri Liik's commentary How to talk to Russia is being mentioned.

Il Fatto Quotidiano

30th November, 2015

Kadri Liik on Russian strategy for Syria

BBC News

26th November, 2015

Kadri Liik on the connection between food and foreign policy in Russia.