ECFR in the Media - Kadri Liik


16th September, 2019

Kadri Liik discusses the proposals put forward by the head of the European Union mission to Moscow in relation to EU economic sanctions


19th August, 2019

Kadri Liik is quoted by Euractiv regarding the fragility of Vladimir Putin's regime.

Gazeta Wyborcza

06th July, 2019

Interview with Kadri Liik - Senior Policy Fellow at ECFR on the future of European-Russian relations.


16th December, 2018

Kadri Liik quoted by Bloomberg regarding how the concept of "the West" has changed due to unrest in both the US and Europe.

Le Monde

23rd May, 2018

Kadri Liik is quoted by Le Monde regarding the state of relations between the EU and Russia.

ZEIT online

24th January, 2018

Kadri Liik on a new german approach to Putin's Russia.

La Croix

13th December, 2017

Josef Janning cited in La Croix discussing the current political impasse in Germany. 

The New York Times

22nd June, 2017

Kadri Liik talked to The New York Times about the impact of the EU-Ukraine Visa arrangement on the domestic mood in the country.

RMF 24

30th May, 2017

Kadri Liik quoted on meeting of Emmanuel Macron with Vladimir Putin.

La Croix

27th May, 2017

Op-ed of Kadri Liik in "La Croix" regarding Macron and Putin encounter in Versailles.