ECFR in the Media - Josef Janning


03rd May, 2019

Josef Janning is quoted by Information regarding the upcoming European Elections. 


24th April, 2019

Josef Janning is quoted in the Knack regarding the current EU-Turkey relations and their future. 

The Washington Post

09th April, 2019

Josef Janning is quoted in the Washington Post about Germany's position in the discussion about an extension of the Brexit date. 

SWR Aktuell

08th April, 2019

How dangerous is the meeting of right-wing and populist party members in Milan for Europe? Josef Janning answers this question in an interview with the SWR. 


13th March, 2019

Two weeks before the official  Brexit date, Josef Janning discusses the possibility of a hard Brexit on SWR2. 


09th March, 2019

In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, Josef Janning discusses an offer by the EU, which would allow Northern Ireland to remain in the customs union, even if the UK leaves it. 


28th February, 2019

The main source of the toxic political climate in the UK is the conflict among the tories, states Josef Janning with respect to the debate in the house of commons on how to proceed with Brexit.


27th February, 2019

Three months before the EP elections "a sharp debate on content" is necessary, says Josef Janning in an interview with Dlf. It is not sufficient for pro-European parties to think themselves on the right side. EU-sceptic parties could occupy up to a third of the seats after the elections.

El Español

12th February, 2019

Josef Janning is quoted on Carles Puigdemont's visit to Berlin. 

Die Presse

25th January, 2019

Josef Janning explains Austria's position within the European Union using the EUCoaltionExplorer and shows that the country has a lot of unused potential.