ECFR in the Media - Gustav Gressel


12th February, 2019

Gustav Gressel comments on Surkow's statements about Putin's style of ruling Russia. 

Deutsche Welle

08th February, 2019

Gustav Gressel comments on the tensions between France and Germany in the Nord Stream 2 compromise. 


04th December, 2018

A30 publishes a summary in Spanish of Gustav Gressel´s publication "Under the gun: Rearmament for arms control in Europe" 


24th November, 2018

Gustav Gressel quoted by NBC news regarding Russia jamming NATO's GPS signals during Trident Juncture exercises. 

Deutsche Welle

10th September, 2018

Gustav Gressel is quoted by Deutsche Welle regarding the Russian military operation 'Wostok-2018'.


19th August, 2018

Gustav Gressel on the wedding of Austria's foreign minister, and being Putin's "useful idiot"

Deutsche Welle

09th April, 2018

Gustav Gressel is speaking in Deutsche Welle on the relationship between Russia and Germany

The National Interest

21st March, 2018

Gustav Gressel quoted in The National Interest on Russian Political Warfare 

Deutsche Welle

16th March, 2018

Gustav Gressel cité dans Deutsche Welle à propos des relations entre l'Allemagne et la Russie. 


26th January, 2018

Gustav Gressel was quoted by CNBC on Russian - North Korean relations