ECFR in the Media - Anthony Dworkin

Deutsche Welle

18th May, 2013

Anthony Dworkin explains why goverments increasingly use drones

EU Inside

15th January, 2013

ECFRs analysis of Obama's re-election is used as the basis of a call for a change in EU defence policy


07th January, 2013

Anthony Dworkin is interviewed indepth about the situation in Syria

To Vima

18th December, 2012

Anthony Dworkin is quoted on the referendum in Egypt

Dworkin Penza Human Rights

14th November, 2012

Anthony Dworkin comments on Obama's policies towards human rights.

dworkin matin napa

30th September, 2012

Anthony Dworkin and the 'EU-North Africa Power Audit' are quoted

napa lemonde

19th September, 2012

Our Power Audit of EU-North Africa relations is quoted

Dworkin WP terrorism

18th May, 2012

Anthony Dworkin on Barack Obama's approach to counterterrorism

dworkin nyt damascus

23rd January, 2012

Anthony Dworkin discusses possible EU actions in Syria

dworkin voiceofrussia guantanamo

11th January, 2012

Anthony Dworkin takes part in a debate on Guantanamo Bay and America's human rights record