ECFR in the Media - Anthony Dworkin


08th June, 2015

Kirill Rogov's report 'Can "Putinomics" survive?' cited in Finnish business journal, Taloussanomat


23rd March, 2015

Anthony Dworkin on support for Sisi being dependent on his handling of the economy

Voice of America

12th February, 2015

Anthony Dworkin on the proposals

La Repubblica

28th January, 2015

Anthony Dworkin on Europe's reaction to the Snowden case

Super Express

27th January, 2015

Interview with Anthony Dworkin about the attack on Mariupol.

El Tiempo

18th January, 2015

Anthony Dworkin is quoted on how antiterrorist politics could or could not change the Schengen Agreement.

La Voix de l’Amérique

05th January, 2015

Anthony Dworkin is quoted on the existence of the International Criminal Court after the Uhuru Kenyatta case.

Voice of America

24th December, 2014

Anthony Dworkin on whether the ICC should continue to exist

Daily Messenger

23rd December, 2014

Anthony Dworkin is quoted on why Tunisians voted for Essebsi

France Culture

20th December, 2014

Anthony Dworkin speaks about the current stakes of international criminal justice.