ECFR in the Media - Anthony Dworkin


29th June, 2018

Mark Leonard und Anthony Dworkin für DGAP, Europa braucht ein Konzept für die Erneuerung der internationalen Ordnung

France Culture

13th January, 2018

Anthony Dworkin cité dans France Culture à propos des combattants du Djihad au Moyen-Orient.

EU Observer

19th December, 2017

Anthony Dworkin's ECFR commentary on counter-terrorism in Egypt is re-published by the EU Observer.

Just Security

09th December, 2016

Anthony Dworkin's op-ed on the legal basis for use of force against non-state armed groups.


23rd March, 2016

Anthony Dworkin on the fight against terror after the Brussels attacks.

China Daily

22nd March, 2016

Anthony Dworkin on the Brussels attacks possibly having an affect on tourism.


18th October, 2015

Anthony Dworkin quoted on the situation in Egypt before the upcoming parliamentary elections.


07th October, 2015

Anthony Dworkin on the balance between humanity and military necessity


24th June, 2015

Antony Dworkin and Hugh Lovatt are quoted on the UN's Gaza report. 


22nd June, 2015

Anthony Dworkin and Hugh Lovatt on the UN's investigation into war crimes carried out by Israeli and Palestinian armed groups.