ECFR in the Media - Anthony Dworkin


17th January, 2020

Anthony Dworkin quoted on how Europe responds to US foreign policy.


05th December, 2019

Anthony Dworkin and his publication on repatriation of ISIS foreign fighters quoted.


26th November, 2019

Anthony Dworkin quoted in Público on ECFR Open Letter.


26th November, 2019

Expressen comments on ECFR Open Letter.

The New York Times

17th November, 2019

Anthony Dworkin comments on the repatriation of ISIS foreign fighters.

Neue Züricher Zeitung

14th November, 2019

Neue Züricher Zeitung refers and links to Anthony Dworkin's policy brief about returning ISIS fighters.

Arab Weekly

10th November, 2019

Anthony Dworkin quoted on the questions about how to bring foreign ISIS fighters home.

The National

04th November, 2019

Anthony Dworkin's report on the need for repatriation of ISIS fighters is cited.


16th September, 2019

Anthony Dworkin is interviewed by Euronews for his views on populist candidates in Tunisia's upcoming presidential election

The Washington Post

13th September, 2019

Anthony Dworkin is cited on the upcoming presidential elections in Tunisia