ECFR in the Media - Angela Stanzel


10th November, 2016

ECFR's "Absorb and conquer: An EU Approach to Russian and Chinese integration in Eurasia" quoted on Russian-Chinese rivalry in Eurasia.

Real Clear World

15th October, 2016

The Balochistan analysis by Sunaina Kumar and Angela Stanzel ​republished on Real Clear World.


27th September, 2016

Angela Stanzel on the impact of think thanks in China.

China Policy Institute

05th September, 2016

Angela Stanzel's article on China's interest in Afghanistan.


01st September, 2016

An interview with Angela Stanzel on the German chancellor's popularity. 

South China Morning Post

18th August, 2016

Angela Stanzel on Germany-China Relations. 

China Policy Insitute

23rd July, 2016

Angela Stanzel on China´s Cultural Revolution. 

China Policy Institute

14th July, 2016

Angela Stanzel's article on Chinese culture after the Cultural Revolution. 

The Diplomat

24th June, 2016

Angela Stanzel on Integration in Eurasia. 

The Diplomat

16th June, 2016

Angela Stanzel on Merkel´s Visit to China.