ECFR in the Media - Angela Stanzel

The Independent

17th July, 2017

Angela Stanzel discusses China's approach to censorship, and Xi Jinping's growing personality cult.

The New York Times

06th July, 2017

Angela Stanzel discusses how China uses increasing US isolationism to further its own interests.

Sächsische Zeitung

09th May, 2017

Angela Stanzel quoted on China's Silk Road Initiative.

Financial Times

08th May, 2017

Angela Stanzel is quoted in the Financial Times on the growing east-west divide in Europe on China.

All China Review

02nd April, 2017

Angela Stanzel analyses the impact of China's increasing engagement in Afghanistan on both security and long-term regional stability.

Die Wiener Zeitung

12th March, 2017

Angela Stanzel comments on China's strategies to gain influence within the EU.

Deutsche Welle

12th January, 2017

Angela Stanzel quoted in "Deutsche Welle" about the China and Africa relationship and China's new foreign policy ambitions.

Deutsche Welle

11th January, 2017

Angela Stanzel quoted in a Deutsche Welle article on China's involvement and investment in Africa. 

Deutsche Welle

10th January, 2017

Deutsche Welle quotes Angela Stanzel  on China's new Africa strategy that now includes security questions.


06th January, 2017

Forbes quotes Angela Stanzel on the China and Brexit by linking to this ECFR China Analysis.