ECFR in the Media

Gas crisis cost Pierre Noel ECFR

14th January, 2009
Pierre Noel says energy firms will not sue Gazprom.

Helsingin Sanomat gas crisis Noel

13th January, 2009
Article in Finnish discussing the gas crisis quoting Pierre Noel.

La Repubblica gas crisis ECFR

13th January, 2009
Italian article on the gas crisis referring to the recent ECFR report.

Le Figaro gas crisis Noel

12th January, 2009
Article on the continuing gas crisis mentioning Pierre Noel.

Romandie News gas crisis Klau

11th January, 2009
Article on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict quoting Thomas Klau.

Wall Street Journal gas crisis Noel

10th January, 2009
Noel argues Europe could react to the crisis by reducing its dependence on Russian gas.

gas crisis IHT ECFR russia gas brief

09th January, 2009
A piece on the EU's reluctance in the gas crisis quoting our Russian gas brief.

Epoch Times gas crisis Tcherneva

09th January, 2009
In the gas dispute "both sides are driven by unclear incentives", says Tcherneva.

Reuters gas and Gaza crises Witney

09th January, 2009
Witney criticises Sarkozy's statement that Israel's offensive is an act of self-defense.

Gas crisis Bloomberg Pierre Noel ECFR

09th January, 2009
?It?s high time the EU gets serious about gas security,? says Noel.