ECFR in the Media

ESDP report in die zeit blog

18th September, 2008
A blog on Europe as a military power quoting our ESDP report.

UN report in Deutsche Welle

17th September, 2008
The new ECFR report "is sure to make for uncomfortable reading in the European Union."

UN report in Aftenposten

17th September, 2008
A feature in the Norwegian daily covering our newly published UN report.

UN report in die presse austria

17th September, 2008
An article in the Austrian newspaper on our UN report.

UN report in EU observer

17th September, 2008
?The EU is losing its ability to push through human rights projects at the UN, a new ECFR study says.?

UN report in El Pais

17th September, 2008
An article in the Spanish daily on ECFR's newly published UN report.

wilson in washington times georgia

15th September, 2008
"In the short term, Russia controls the situation on the ground, said Andrew Wilson."

Wilson and Witney in defense news on ukraine

15th September, 2008
An article on the EU-Ukraine summit quoting ECFR Nick Witney and Andrew Wilson.

Euroactiv wilson on eu ukraine summit

10th September, 2008
"Andrew Wilson said the outcome of the EU-Ukraine summit?s talks was a clear step forward for Ukraine."

wilson in voice of america on ukraine summit

09th September, 2008
A feature on the EU-Ukraine summit quoting Andrew Wilson.