ECFR in the Media

El País 21 Jan

21st January, 2008

A full-page feature on ECFR?s Afghanistan report which calls on the international coalition to overhaul their military and development strategy.

Die Presse 20 Jan

20th January, 2008
A feature article on ECFR?s Vienna event where the discussion focused on ECFR?s EU-Russia report.

der Standard 20 jan

20th January, 2008
A story about ECFR - produced as part of a lengthy cover feature about an exclusive live debate between George Soros, Joschka Fischer and others on global problems.

Berlingske Tidende 20 jan

20th January, 2008
A story about our Afghanistan report, focusing on the proposal to provide economic assistance to tribal leaders.

nyt on putin in bulgaria

19th January, 2008
"The EU, shockingly, acts like a na?ve bystander, completely blind to the major strategic reconfiguration that is taking place in the Balkans," said Ognyan Minchev, head of ECFR's Bulgaria office.

ft on afghanistan

19th January, 2008
The international community must try to attract "moderate" Afghan insurgents away from the Taliban by giving them financial support that encourages them to support the Kabul government, according to a new report.

The New York Times 16 jan

16th January, 2008
ECFR?s Jos? Ignacio Torreblanca comments on the first meeting of Mr. Zapatero?s Alliance of Civilizations, a UN-backed initiative aimed at promoting global dialogue between cultures.

washington times 21 dec

21st December, 2007
Open borders in Western Europe raise concerns of increased crime but "some fears are vastly overblown" says ECFR's Thomas Klau.

AFP 20 dec

20th December, 2007
Angela Merkel has shown great courage while dealing with a number of controversial global issues, says ECFR?s Ulrike Gu?rot.