ECFR in the Media

ESDP in EU Observer

29th July, 2008
The report by ECFR advocates a 'multi-speed' EU defence policy.

ESDP in Defense News

29th July, 2008
"Political leaders must form 'pioneer groups' if the 27-nation EU is to break out of institutional paralysis."

ESDP report in Irish examiner

29th July, 2008
"When it comes to defence, says Mr Witney, the EU cannot afford to move at the pace of the slowest."

ESDP report in FAZ

29th July, 2008
A presentation of our ESDP report in the German newspaper.

ESDp and fischer in Deutsche Welle

29th July, 2008
"We must recognize the reality of a 'multi-speed Europe' on defense," said Joschka Fischer, one of ECFR's co-chairs.

Nick Witney interview in el pais

29th July, 2008
An interview with ECFR Policy Fellow Nick Witney, author of our newly published ESDP report.

ESDP report in El Pais

29th July, 2008
A piece in the Spanish daily on our ESDP report.

Leonard Jenkins comment is free Guardian

25th July, 2008
"The liberalisation of China in recent years has been paralleled by an increasingly sophisticated control of the public sphere", said Leonard.

Leonard don’t trash the China Guardian

25th July, 2008
A piece on the transformation of Chinese society quoting Mark Leonard.

ESDP report in Economist

24th July, 2008
"A new, rather brutal report for the European Council on Foreign Relations assesses the first ten years of ESDP."