ECFR in the Media

popescu in moscow times on south ossetia and Abkhazia

26th August, 2008
A feature on the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia quoting Nicu Popescu.

wilson in reuters analysis on EU and Georgia

25th August, 2008
An analysis on EU's involvement following the Georgia conflict quoting Andrew Wilson.

Georgia brief in financial times blog

25th August, 2008
A blog entry on Ukraine as the next possible flashpoint in EU-Russia relations, mentioning ECFR's Georgia report.

Georgia brief eu observer on EU and Ukraine

25th August, 2008
?The next focal point for security tensions - although not for war - might be Ukraine," ECFR's report says.

Georgia brief in Gazeta Wyborcza

25th August, 2008
An article in the Polish daily on ECFR's Georgia policy brief.

Georgia brief in euroactiv sarkozy calls EU summit

25th August, 2008
An article on the upcoming emergency European summit, quoting ECFR's Georgia policy paper.

wilson in el pais on division within nato

24th August, 2008
Andrew Wilson is interviewed by the Spanish daily on the divisions within Nato following the Georgia crisis.

Georgia brief in reuters

24th August, 2008
An article on our EU-Georgia policy paper.

Georgia brief in EU observer EU russia summit

24th August, 2008
"The European Council on Foreign Relations urges the EU to avoid a "punitive approach" on Moscow."

Georgia brief in Guardian confusion within nato

23rd August, 2008
A piece on the current challenges facing Nato mentioning our Georgia policy brief.