ECFR in the Media

wilson in washington times georgia

15th September, 2008
"In the short term, Russia controls the situation on the ground, said Andrew Wilson."

Wilson and Witney in defense news on ukraine

15th September, 2008
An article on the EU-Ukraine summit quoting ECFR Nick Witney and Andrew Wilson.

Euroactiv wilson on eu ukraine summit

10th September, 2008
"Andrew Wilson said the outcome of the EU-Ukraine summit?s talks was a clear step forward for Ukraine."

wilson in voice of america on ukraine summit

09th September, 2008
A feature on the EU-Ukraine summit quoting Andrew Wilson.

wilson in kyiv post on ukraine crisis

08th September, 2008
An article on the political crisis in Ukraine quoting Andrew Wilson.

AP popescu on georgia and separatist movements

31st August, 2008
"The Georgian conflict has the potential to create a long-term precedent," says Nicu Popescu.

Georgia report in Le Monde on georgia conflict

30th August, 2008
An article in the French daily quoting our Georgia policy brief.

EU Russia power audit in Economist Unity is strength

28th August, 2008
An article on Europe's lack of unity toward Russia, quoting our EU-Russia Power Audit.

Korski in Defense News on russia georgia

27th August, 2008
"Russia's clearly upped the ante with its recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia," said Daniel Korski.

Popescu in IHT on civilian monitoring misson

26th August, 2008
An article on the idea of a civilian monitoring mission to Georgia quoting Nicu Popescu.