ECFR in the Media

korski in guardian on Karadzic

23rd July, 2008
Daniel Korski said Karadzic's arrest had "lanced the boil" in EU-Serbian relations and opened the way for Mladic's capture.

Korski on obama in afghanistan irak dziennik

21st July, 2008
An article in the Polish daily on Obama's visit to Afghanistant and Irak quoting Daniel Korski.

korski in information denmark on obama

17th July, 2008
Daniel Korski is quoted in the Danish newspaper on Barack Obama's European tour.

witney in international herald tribune on nato image

15th July, 2008
"Today, defense has to be about an attempt to project stability. It is a hard doctrine to get people to believe in," says Nick Witney.

torreblanca on union of mediterranean summit

10th July, 2008
The projects identified for the Union of the Mediterranean are rather uncontroversial, says Jose Ignacio Torreblanca.

leonard on sarkozy union of the mediterranean

06th July, 2008
An article on Sarkozy?s Union of the Mediterranean quoting Mark Leonard.

korski on european army in dziennik

03rd July, 2008
Daniel Korski is interviewed on Miliband's support for a European Army.

Guerot in Reuters AlertNet on French EU Presidency

29th June, 2008
Ulrike Gu?rot is interviewed on the agenda of the French presidency starting on 1st July.

Leonard in economist on brown foreign policy

27th June, 2008
An article on Gordon Brown's foreign policy quoting Mark Leonard.

ECFR Statement on Irish no in Liberation

27th June, 2008
"L'ECFR s'inqui?te des cons?quences du "non" irlandais qui risque d'affaiblir la voix de l'Europe dans le monde."