ECFR in the Media


26th October, 2007
"Brown has a great opportunity. But he is reluctant to say anything positive about the EU for fear of the reaction at home," said Mark Leonard of ECFR.


26th October, 2007
An analysis of world public opinion published this week by ECFR, a new think-tank, uses the term "herbivorous" to describe the kind of emerging powers whose rise is broadly welcomed around the world.


25th October, 2007
La population mondiale souhaite que les Etats-Unis jouent un r?le moins important dans les affaires internationales. L'Union europ?enne, elle, est mieux not?e.

euractiv poll

25th October, 2007
Unlike the US, the EU seems to have a good reputation worldwide and is also "highly appreciated" among its neigbours, including potential future EU members like Macedonia and Albania, the ECFR analysts, Mark Leonard and Ivan Krastev, write.

suddeutsche zeitung

25th October, 2007
"Das Paradox der Macht der EU ist, dass ihre St?rke bis zu einem gewissen Punkt ist, dass sie als schwach wahrgenommen wird", schreibt der ECFR.

El Pais poll

25th October, 2007
"Naturalmente, los pa?ses europeos tambi?n tienen un peso militar relevante, pero la opini?n p?blica no asocia tanto la UE con ese peso y aprecia su poder blando", dice Leonard.


25th October, 2007
In the poll, released by new think tank the European Council on Foreign Relations, more than one third of the respondents (35 percent) said they see an increased EU power as a central element needed to develop a better world.


24th October, 2007
Iran is the country most people around the world would like see having less power, followed closely by the US, a new opinion poll showed.

sydney morning herald 20 october

19th October, 2007
"In three global crises - Burma, Darfur in Sudan and North Korea - China is widely seen as having more influence on the rogue governments than does the US," said Thomas Klau, head of the Paris office

BBC Mundo

17th October, 2007
Am?rica Latina, no obstante, no parece estar incluida en esa visi?n inical, como explic? a BBC Mundo Jose Ignacio Torreblanca, director de la oficina del ECFR en Madrid.