ECFR in the Media

ECFR John Fox France China Tibet AFP

05th December, 2008
John Fox quoted on the tensions in France-China relations over Tibet.

ECFR ENP conference Sofia Capital

05th December, 2008
A piece in Capital about our conference on the European Neighbourhood Policy held in Sofia.

International Herald Tribune ENP Popescu

04th December, 2008
An article on the new "Eastern Partnership" proposal quoting Nicu Popescu.

NRC Handelsblad Tibet Fox

04th December, 2008
An article on Tibet in the Dutch daily quoting John Fox.

ECFR John Fox China EU summit cancellation Reuters

01st December, 2008
"China doesn't place must value in Europe anymore," John Fox says.

Newsweek Medvedev gas brief

01st December, 2008
A feature on Medvedev referring to ECFR's recent Russian gas policy brief.

The Guardian EU China Godement

27th November, 2008
Francois Godement comments on China calling off the EU summit.

La Croix EU China Godement

27th November, 2008
Francois Godement is quoted in the French newspaper.

EuroActiv EU China summit Fox

27th November, 2008
"EU leaders need to show China that it cannot be divided and bullied", said John Fox.

François Godement China EU summit NRC

26th November, 2008

Fran?ois Godement quoted in NRC Handelsblad, the Dutch daily evening paper, on the cancellation of the EU-China summit