ECFR in the Media

Top U.N. Court Affirms Kosovo Independence

23rd July, 2010

"Hopefully both Kosovo and Serbia will recognise it's time for compromise," says Gowan.

A Court Upholds Kosovo Independence: Now What?

23rd July, 2010

Richard Gowan on the likelihood of Kosovo becoming a state.

La CIJ no obliga a reconocer a Kosovo

23rd July, 2010

An interview with Richard Gowan on the ICJ's Kosovo opinion.

Kosovo independence no violation of law, finds International Court of Justice

22nd July, 2010

Richard Gowan on what the ICJ's Kosovo opinion really means.

El separatismo mundial busca coartada en La Haya

22nd July, 2010

ECFR experts talk to the Spanish broadcaster about the ICJ's Kosovo opinion.

EU says ready to help Serbia-Kosovo dialogue

22nd July, 2010

Anthony Dworkin on what the ICJ Kosovo opinion means for Serbia.

21st July, 2010

Susi Dennison on whether the ICJ opinion on Kosovo will make any difference.

Ni ?rs krig: 1.925 milliarder kroner

17th July, 2010

"Shocking", says Richard Gowan of the amount of money spent on Afghanistan.

Wilders launches international anti-Islam alliance

16th July, 2010

Susi Dennison sees Wilders' anti-Islam campaign as a "worrying development".

Germany and normalcy

07th July, 2010
"I particularly enjoyed this article ... by Hans Kundnani".