ECFR in the Media

Spanish ‘economic miracle’ loses its splendour

22nd March, 2010
Jose Ignacio Torreblanca: Spain is far away from Greek-style protests.

Van Rompuy and Barroso to both represent EU at G20

19th March, 2010
Jose Ignacio Torreblanca on Barroso and Van Rompuy going to the G20.

German Calls for Austerity Have Europe Grumbling new york times

18th March, 2010
Thomas Klau on what the Germans think about the PIGS countries.

deutsche welle Plans for UK-France defense alliance driven by new strategic realities

17th March, 2010
Richard Gowan comments on the proposed UK-France defense alliance.

Abschied vom Kuschel-B?ndnis die zeit

17th March, 2010
A story on Merkel's US trip quoting Witney and Shapiro's transatlantic report.

les echos Virage allemand sur la gouvernance europ?enne

17th March, 2010
Thomas Klau quoted in a piece on Germany?s bend over European Governance.

the kyiv post Has change in power panicked European Union into action?

11th March, 2010
A piece on the EU and Ukraine, quoting Wilson and Popescu's recent report.

Gdyby Grecja była krajem środkowoeuropejskim gazeta wyborcza

10th March, 2010
Ivan Krastev on the EU divisions the economic crisis has caused.

the prague post News Analysis: Rasmussen’s approach lacks firepower

10th March, 2010
Korski: "The Anglo-American strategy in Afghanistan has hit an absolute low mark."

reuters EU’s foreign policy chief seeks to spell out agenda

08th March, 2010
Daniel Korski on what lies ahead for Baroness Ashton.