ECFR in the Media

opendemocracy krastev georgia

31st July, 2009
Ivan Krastev evaluates the impact of the Russia-Georgia war one year on.

The Independent Wilson Moldova

31st July, 2009
"Vladimir Voronin is the biggest loser in this election," says Wilson.

Moldova Wilson Rzeczpospolita

30th July, 2009
The Polish daily quotes Andrew Wilson in a piece on the Moldova elections.

Korksi Iceland EU El Pais

30th July, 2009
Daniel Korksi comments on Iceland's application for EU membership.

Moldova EUobserver Popescu

30th July, 2009
Popescu comments on Moldova's surprise election results.

The Epoch Times Wilson Moldova

30th July, 2009
Andrew Wilson comments on Moldova's election results.

Euractiv Popescu Moldova

29th July, 2009
An article in Czech on Moldova's elections quoting Nicu Popescu.

NewsIn Moldova Popescu

29th July, 2009
Nicu Popescu says new riots in Moldova are unlikely.

Romania Libera Popescu Moldova

29th July, 2009
Popescu says Moldova?s political crisis is likely to continue after the elections.

cotidianul popescu moldova

28th July, 2009
The Romanian broadsheet quotes Popescu on the Moldova elections.