ECFR in the Media

leonard in canberra times on china book

03rd May, 2008
Mark Leonard's 'What does China Think?' "presents a fascinating range of views about China's future".

leonard on abc radio australia on China

02nd May, 2008
A transcript of Mark Leonard's interview on Chinese politics broadcasted on Australian radio.

fox in capital weekly on china

30th April, 2008
An article on China in the Bulgarian weekly quoting John Fox.

korski in IPS on afghanistan

28th April, 2008
"Even optimistic scenarios foresee an international presence in Afghanistan for years to come" said Daniel Korski.

witney in defense news on ESDP

28th April, 2008
Nick Witney is interviewed on European defense capacity and France's plan to make progress on the ESDP during its EU presidency.

russia report in estonian postimees

28th April, 2008
"The most prophetic recent foreign policy text is the report of ECFR, published last year, on relations between the EU and Russia."

leonard in people daily online on china

25th April, 2008
Mark Leonard is quoted in the Chinese newspaper on the recent "demonization of China" by the West.

witney in ips news on nato and us

21st April, 2008
Nick Witney is interviewed about the US government's plans to establish a missile defence shield in Central Europe.

leonard in guardian china book review

19th April, 2008
'China's past and future come under close scrutiny in Mark Leonard's What Does China Think.'

leonard in financial times on china poll

15th April, 2008
An article, quoting Mark Leonard, on a recent survey about the view of Europeans on China.