ECFR in the Media

In E.U. Roma Policy Clash, Many Get a Bruising

17th September, 2010

Thomas Klau on Sarkozy and the European Commission's clash over France's Roma policy.

Missing journalist stokes fears of Soviet-era media crackdown in Ukraine

16th September, 2010

Andrew Wilson on Klymentyev's disappearance and press freedom in Ukraine.

All? Bruxelles

16th September, 2010

Thomas Klau on EU summit and Roma dispute

Merkel to revive Germany’s quest for permanent Security Council seat

14th September, 2010

Richard Gowan on Germany's quest for a permanent Security Council seat.

Tension in US-EU relations is real, but not new, experts say

13th September, 2010

Ulrike Guerot on the EU's efforts to be "taken seriously by the US".

China tells foreign businesses ‘to stop complaining’

13th September, 2010

A China-business piece quoting Godement and Leonard's open letter on China to EU decision makers.

A Weakened Russia Seeks European Ties

10th September, 2010

Mark Leonard on "the limits of Russian power".

Missing, presumed dead: disappearance of Ukrainian journalist deepens media fears

08th September, 2010

Andrew Wilson, quoted in a piece about the disappearance of a Ukrainian journalists.

Sarkozy pension plan stirs protest

07th September, 2010

Thomas Klau on France's pension protests.