ECFR in the Media

La Tribune Guerot European elections

21st May, 2009
An interview with Ulrike Guerot on the European elections.

IPS Popescu Russia EU

21st May, 2009
Nicu Popescu comments on EU's Eastern strategy.

EUobserver Noel Gas

20th May, 2009
Pierre Noel is quoted in a story on European gas supply.

Les Echos Fox Godement China

20th May, 2009
Fox and Godement quoted on the EU's economic relationship with China.

Capital Fox China

20th May, 2009
?I don?t expect anything from this summit?, says Fox of the EU-China summit.

L’Express China EU Godement

20th May, 2009
An interview with Francois Godement on the EU-China summit.

European Voice Fox Godement China

20th May, 2009
An article on the EU's relationship with China and Russia, quoting our China report.

Deutsche Welle Korski Europe Middle East

18th May, 2009
Daniel Korski quoted in a piece on Europe's role in the Middle East.

The Guardian ECFR China

17th May, 2009
A front page story on China's rise quoting our recent China report.

Publico Guerot European elections

17th May, 2009
Ulrike Guerot comments on Europe's upcoming elections.