ECFR in the Media

Times of Malta afghanistan

30th January, 2008
An article presenting the findings of our recent Afghanistan report.

economist on ashdown

25th January, 2008
"A recent report by the European Council on Foreign Relations, a think-tank, castigated members of the European Union in scathing terms."

washington times on afghanistan

25th January, 2008
"NATO's European member states will have to remove caveats on how and where their troops can fight and work together more closely."

economist military helicopters

25th January, 2008
Richard Gowan comments on why the international community has failed to equip its military deployments with much-needed helicopters.

Middle East Times

24th January, 2008
An article by the English-language Egyptian daily, focusing on our proposal to bring moderate factions of the Taliban into the political process in Afghanistan.

Figaro on Russia report

23rd January, 2008
An article presenting the findings of our EU-Russia power audit, released last November.

Dagens Nyheter on afghanistan report

23rd January, 2008
A leader on our Afghanistan report in Sweden's largest circulation morning newspaper.

herald tribune on davos

23rd January, 2008
''There is now a need for an integrated Europe politically strong enough at the global level to deal with China, India, Russia and Brazil," said Thomas Klau.

RFI Poland

23rd January, 2008
An article on RFI's Polish-language programme on ECFR's EU-Russia power audit, published last November.

Reuters afghan report

21st January, 2008
A news story about ECFR's Afghanistan report, focusing on our recommendation to bring moderate Taliban insurgents into the political process.